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Select Optionnal second front wing
Set including:

- 1 board Tiny (95, 110, 120 or 130L) carbon made in Europe

- 1 mast Horue VINI PRO, 100% carbon, Deep tuttle with "Plug'n Play" system

- 1 front wing 100% carbon (CR or LW or XLW)

- 1 second front wing 100% carbon (CR or LW or XLW) if chosen

- 1 rear wing 100% carbon with Smart Trim System

- Screws, nuts, washers

- 4 footstraps Horue made in Europe

The Horue Tiny was developed for light wind to very strong and provides amazing and outstanding flight experience. True pocket-board with its 200cm length (for 95L), it's the world's shortest windsurf board on the market , allowing short turns and real fun.

With its double concave for a early planing and its carbon construction (board built in Europe), the board is very light (6.07kg with 4 straps for the 95L) and has specific reinforcements for windfoil intensive use.

  • Windfoil and classical windsurfing use

  • Full Carbon made - Made in EU

  • Deep double convave on the hull - Early planing

  • Deep Tuttle Box reinforced

  • Dimensions available :

  1. 85L - 191x69cm - Deep tuttle (5.9 kg)

  2. 95L - 200x73cm - Deep tuttle (6.07 kg)

  3. 110L - 210x75.8cm - Deep tuttle (6.62 kg)

  4. 120L - 215x77.5cm - Deep tuttle (6.9 kg)


The Vini has been completely reworked in its construction and manufacturing process to offer the most successful construction on the windfoil market in 3 versions: Ride / Pro / Air.

To ensure our confidence in the longevity of the product, Vini PRO fuselages are guaranteed for 3 years *, and the fuselage inserts are guaranteed for 5 years *! * subject to registration of the product on our website.

The Vini Pro is for riders who want a slippery and lively foil but can navigate in all wave conditions, it is also recommended for heavy jigs.

The body / mat / fuselage unit is manufactured in one shot and is therefore monobloc to ensure the greatest rigidity and longevity possible.

Horue® Vini: Registered design.

  • mast : 85cm, 1850g +/- 4%

  • windfoil use with xlw, lw and cruising front wing, kitefoil use with cruising and speed front wing

  • 100% carbon made, made in France

  • Low Flexion and torsion with carbon tri-ax

  • 14mm bolt nut on the deep tuttle

  • Timing system on the hull to fit all board : "plug 'n play"

  • Clever adjustment of the setting of stabilizer to fit to all navigation styles: "smart trim system"


The strong wind wing you need!

Developed in the Mistral Marseillais, this wing can navigate in powerful and gusty winds with ease and comfort.

The Cruising kite is ideal for winds up to 18 knots windfoil, and is 100% compatible with kitefoil use from 6 knots.

  • Wingspan 69cm

  • Surface 673cm²

  • 100% carbon - flex locked

  • elliptical lift distribution - minimization of induced drag

  • forwarded thrust centre- early planing

  • low Cx template - low drag

  • windfoil and kitefoil use (18-40+kts windfoil / 8-30+kts kitefoil)


The Horue lightwind wing is intended to be mounted on the foil Horue GP for use in a 8-25 kts wind range, with the same stabilizer.

This front wing was developed by our three engineers, and is the result of six months of research on performance in light wind condition. The wing profile minimizes drag before take off and provides a powerful lift even at low speeds, allowing very long glides even when the wind drops. The overall shape has allowed us to obtain a forward center of thrust for a very early planing. The elliptical lift distribution ensures minimum induced drag.

  • wingspan 80cm

  • Surface 799cm²

  • 100% carbon - flex locked

  • elliptical lift distribution - the lowest induced drag

  • forwarded thrust centre- early planing

  • high Cz template - powerful lift

  • take off in 8kts wind

  • windfoil use only in 8-22kts


Developed from the lightwind wing drawn by our engineers, it uses all the lightwind wing advantages, but with a larger area.

The progressive profile retained on this model allows the wing to adapt to the different Reynolds numbers encountered throughout the span of the wing. The result is an increased aerodynamic finesse, which provides more powerful lift that will allow heavier riders to fly under 8 knots. For this model with an impressive wingspan, we especially worked on the flex in order to "pump" on the wing for even faster planing. The wing is ideal for 8 knots wind and heavy riders in windfoil. This wing is designed in CAD with a special hydrofoil profile, it is proudly made in France, using 100% carbon in a CNC machined mold.

  • wingspan 91cm

  • Surface 971cm²

  • 100% carbon - flex locked

  • elliptical lift distribution - minimizing of induced drag

  • forward thrust centre- early planing

  • high Cz template - powerful lift

  • take off in 8 kts wind

  • windfoil / surfoil / supfoil use
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