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Gregory Closier is our Foil Addict living in California

Grégory Closier enters the first generation of the sports hall in France and shares his foil experience with us in California.
Name: Gregory Klozir
Age: 41 years old
Takuma Concept rider

Profession: Surfing instructor for over 15 years, owns a surfing school in Landunveze in the north of Finistere and creator of La Vague Surf Experience, a company providing surfing and SUP service in California.

Lives in: San Clemente of Southern California

Hello Grégory, how did you find out about the foil?

In spring 2016, after watching the video of DownWind made by Kai Lenny, like many other people, I was obsessed with an idea of trying it out. In June 2016, thanks to Jerome Spots, I had the opportunity to try the foil on one of my old SUPs, but it was not enough for me, so I did not follow up with it. A few months later, when I came back to California for vacation, Cyril Kostes contacted me to ask if I was interested in foil practice. Indeed, he was looking for someone who would promote his new brand called "Takuma Concept" in the U.S. Not having much experience in foil (kite or wind types), I was afraid of it being difficult for me. Cyril was able to encourage me that his foil was very simple to control so I would be able to progress very quickly and for this reason I accepted the challenge.
Do you remember your first session?

My first real session was in December in San Onofre, when I tried the Takuma foil and 7'8 board. During this first session I was not really good at it, I could not control it properly, but eventually I got used to it.

During my second session, using a 50-cm soft board, I got the first feeling of foil. I perfectly remember the feeling that I experienced at the take-off, how I felt the speed, silence and security of the foil!

During my third session, I had a lot of moments of pure sensations. Also, I have recently tried a 6'1 Takuma surfboard. I was able to break the wave right away since the board was very responsive to my movements and it took off very quickly. I liked it very much!

What is your favorite equipment and what can you tell us?

I use the V100 foil Takuma Concept associated with a 7'8 x 110L SUP version or a 6'1 x 44L surf version of the Takuma brand as well. The advantage is to move advance or back the foil thanks to the two boxes. This foil is very easy it takes off with very little speed, so it is ideal to progress quickly and safely.
What is your favorite surfing spot and what advice can you give us?

I surf south of San Onofre, an area, which is very rarely visited by surfers. The swing at this place is usually very soft and long, which allows you to easily break into the deep water. That's the main point of making a foil!
How do you feel about the future of foil?

Like many people, I think we are just at the beginning of foil development. I suppose that it will be put in common use very quickly. This situation reminds me of the very first days of SUPs, except the fact that in foil, the security aspects and choice of the adapted spot are much better and this fact will greatly affect the development of its practice.

In order for this to be interesting, we need very specific surfing spots, which have great depths, as well as soft and flat swings. We also need to develop such foil boards that will not easily break.

In the swings, the level of foil is increasing every day. When we see Kai Lenny, Dave Kalamu or the young Jeffrey Spencer, we see evolution. I must say that Maui spots are perfectly adapted to this practice. Foil for surfing and super foil will allow you to experience a different drive on the swing and also it will let you draw a new line (for example, leaving the swing, pumping it up and clinging to the other one and etc.). Soon specialists of this discipline will be able to combine classical drills with maneuvers and lines typical for foil.

This in particular will allow swings to appear as being more insured and "false spots". I am very interested and excited to see how the practice of foil surfing will develop. Up to this date, expect the video made by Kai Lenny, we have not seen much. Unfortunately, the place where I live, this is not the best spot for a downwind, but I'm still very close to his practice, so I started practicing surfing at downwind! I have talked a lot about this with Kiril on this issue to find out what is and what will be the most effective material for surfing at such conditions. I think we will be pleasantly surprised in this summer during the Hawaiian downwind season.

The security aspect is to be taken very seriously in foil. I recommend using a cover, I use one when I feel it is necessary but not always, it depends on the conditions (strong wind for example). Impact jacket, full suit, slippers, all this can be useful to prevent harm. But past that, I think that we must above all respect the basic safety rules and be attentive: do not press steps, anticipate falls protect your head with your arms, use a long enough lead, etc.
The final word?

The foil lets you experience different sensations, one right after another. I really thank Cyril and Takuma Concept for trusting me and allowing me to discover this sports.

Thank you Grégory and if you also want to share more of your experience with us, please contact us.
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